I posted this in the inshore section and didn't have any luck. Maybe you guys can help.

I have been fishing local lakes in a kayak and am debating taking the yaks with me this next week. I have a 13.5 Ride and a 12' Ocean Kayak. I usually just wade fish. I hate fighting the wind in the kayak but I was thinking about giving it a shot. Anyone have any tips other than the usual safety advice? Specifically, areas to put in, or places that are a bit shielded from the wind that can produce some fish. I've seen a few youtube videos of guys fishing the edge of grassy areas from a kayak for red drum. Will any grassy areas work for those fish or are there specific areas? I'm not looking to get out in the waves.

Maybe more specifically, is fishing any good in Offats bayou, Jones Bay, Highland Bayou, North or South of the Texas City Dike, or under the 45 bridge.

I've been skunked the last few times I've been to Galveston. I don't necessarily care what I catch, just want to catch something. Reds are my number one pick but I'll also go for some flounder or spotted trout.
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