After I just got a taste of Sailfishing in Costa Rica, I'm hooked! Lucky one of my first experiences with Billfishing was one of the best Sailfishing areas and I ended up with two Pacific Sailfish over 100". Costa Rica doesn't get many Black Marlin though and now I've started researching Marlin fishing.

What areas have you had personal Marlin experience with and then what have you heard about?

Appears most of the World has some Marlin fishing available certain times of the year. I was very surprised to learn you can get into big Marlin off east coast like Maryland and Carolinas, off Spain in Europe, Africa, Caribbean, Australia, Hawaii, and even off Texas!

Personal Experience
* Costa Rica - Place to go for Sailfish, Black Marlin a pretty rare bite. Better to go south to Panama for Black Marlin or up Mexico like Cabo San Lucas.

Heard About
* Hawaii - Heavily pressured, but great Blue Marlin fishing very close to shore. Many granders get caught here.
* Maryland/Carolinas - Big Marlin move up in the cooler waters, have to go pretty far offshore.
* Puerto Rico/Caribbean - Deep water ledges big marlin.
* Gulf of Mexico - few Marlin charters right off Texas, usually longer than day trips to access fishing grounds.
* Cabo San Lucas - look at JC Sport Fishing reports, great place for Marlin close to Texas.
* Australia - known for Black Marlin and others, usually longer than day trips on Great Barrier Reef.
* Spain (Azores) - Reputation from big Blue Marlin, one Captain said 1 in 10 Blue Marlin they catch is a grander.
* Africa (Canary Islands/Cape Verde) - record Blue Marlin.
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