The RonRig's are manufactured with .032" hardened 304 Stainless Steel wire. Select Crane, 60lb Duo-Lock, Or 120 lb Stainless Steel Swivel!

The Large Blades on the .032 wire cause added vibration, making the two attached rattles to vibrate and Rattle like CRAZY!

The Rattles come in Red, Clear, or Black, and can be easily removed or replaced.

Each SingleHook RonRig has a 6" 30lb Surflon vinyl coated stainless leader attached to the center leg, to add your favorite Crank Bait or Top Water Lure!!! Sizes are 5.5", 6.5", 8 & 9" lengths.

The legs are 1" shorter than the advertised size. For instance an 8" an 8" RonRig has 4 - 7" legs, and the Center is 8".

Where possible, each also comes with a Compression ring so that the RonRig can be stored in your tacklebox,

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The Introductory price is:
Crane Swivel Only - $9.99
60lb Duo-Lock Crane Swivel with Snap - $10.49
120 lb Stainless Crane Swivel with Snap $10.99
9" cost an additional $.50

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