Landing my new personal best alligator gar at an undisclosed location know affectionately as location X. it measured 7 foot 2 inches and had a 41 inch girth and weighed over 200 pounds. my 7 year old daughter Allyse filmed everything you see, also unfortunately my iphone died as i pulled the gar out of the water but we got most of the fight on video. This Monster gar ate a pretty small chunk of gizzard shad fished on bottom and went about spooling my rod i had in a rod holder on the bank extremely fast we only had time to grab the rod and jump in the boat before i had no line left and the gar drug us downriver with no line on the reel..all my gar are released unharmed you will not see me kill one i am passionate about protecting these awesome sportfish that have survived for 100,000,000 years


"Conservation is the preservation of life on earth, and that, above all else, is worth fighting for."