About 5 miles north of Port O Connor, or 8 miles south of Port Lavaca at roads end in Indianola there lies Powderhorn Lake. I arrived at 8:30 Tuesday morning with a 15 mph SW wind and an incoming tide. Launched my kayak at the mouth, crossed the channel and started throwing plastics and tops. I noted some gulls diving in mid lake and paddled out to them. Lots of dink trout, and one fiesty skip jack that after hooked jumped in the boat with me. The wind picked up making paddling upwind impossible and cross wind dangerous. I located a different group of gulls but still only landed small trout. The wind picked up even more, so I beached the kayak on a sandy isle and worked plastics for an hour with no takers. I surfed the yak back to the truck at 1:30 and loaded it in 30 to 35mph winds. Although I have fished this general area before, as I have most of the Texas coast this was a first in Powderhorn. I landed 18 or 20 small trout, yet the wind kept me from really exploring much. A good bay boat would have had problems in these conditions. Crappie fishing tomorrow...Lawton
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