I've decided I need trim tabs. My NauticStar 2110 rides well with me or another on board, but as the weight adds up near the stern the porpoising becomes unbearable, and it's not always possible to have people move to better locations in the boat. I have a couple obstacles to overcome before I can get this done.

Option A:

Problems with option A:
1) swim ladder and potential interference with actuator
2) would have to move the trailer anchor point for boat straps, indicated by the green line.
3) the top bracket for the trim tab would have to be located in the dark blue bubble out part of my transom rather than the flat white area.

The positives are simply the better location of the tabs performance wise, which helps prevent interference with my transducer. And also I wouldn't have to remove the piece of starboard I installed to place my transducer on.

Option B:

1) located more centrally to the boat. (May not be a problem at all, I'm not an expert in trim tabs)
2) situated directly on top of the trailer board, which currently sticks past the end of the boat. That would require sawing that shorter, and I'm not sure that's a problem or not for loading on the trailer
3) would have to remove the starboard material the transducer sits on, and would have to move the transducer more towards the motor a little.
4) the straps could still put unwanted pressure on the trim tabs without changing the trailer anchoring spot.

Fewer modifications needed, flat mounting for the top bracket to the trim tabs. Avoid swim ladder.

Option B seems like the better of the two, but I'd want to know your opinion on if I'd still be able to position the transducer without getting interference, and also if sawing the trailer board is advisable or not. See the below pic.

06 NauticStar 2110 Yamaha 150txr
Elite 7 HDI
Motorguide Xi5 80SW