This is my first report on the site ever, as I've been busy with work so I haven't had much time to fish. Anyways, a few friends and I drove out from Austin and camped at Matagorda Beach last week to do some surf fishing for my birthday. The first night, we caught around 7-9 whiting on pink and chartreuse shrimp flavored fishbites in about an hour in the wade gut and the first gut. The next day, there were tons of mullet in the wade gut, from about 5 inches to a foot in length. We paddled out a mullet and a whiting for the 9/0's to hopefully get some shark, had a few runs but could't get a solid hookup. The current was pretty strong so we had some issues kayaking out baits, so we stuck to casting baits out after a bit

We had a few bite offs on the surf rods, but I eventually hooked into an 18 inch blacktip on a mullet fillet, which we released after taking some photos. Later on, we got a hardhead and a few gafftops on fillets as well. For whatever reason, nothing was hitting on chunks of bait, the fish preferred fillets.

Right as the sun was setting, I got a light bite on one of my surf rods. I figured it was another whiting or a catfish, but as soon as I got it closer to shore it took off and started pulling drag like crazy! Turned out to be a slot red, about 21-22 inches in length, and it hit on a mullet head. All and all it was a pretty good weekend, I've never had much luck in the surf before so I'm glad we managed to catch some fish!

P.S. bring plenty of bug spray if you're planning to go out there, even with the wind blowing, hordes of skeeters are still present.