Hello, I'm from Nevada and will be visiting San Antonio from 6/30/15 through 7/5/2015. My brother says these Red drum are a blast to catch but he doesn't fly fish and that is all I do. He also tells me that not many people fly fish for these things so he can't really provide much info. He will be taking me to Calaveras and Victor Braunig for some fresh water reds...now I'm willing to use a spinner set up if I must, but would much rather use my fly rod if I can. Can anyone please provide some insight as to what fly patterns are successful for fresh water reds this time of year. Please note I will be fishing from a kayak using a 8wt rod. I assume minnow patterns, as well as maybe jigging some marabou jigs near the bottom may work, but I may be wrong. Any help and advice on what fly pattern and colors is much appreciated.