Truck Mounting System for:

Time is better spent fishing than getting ready to fish – at least that’s our philosophy! The Rod Vault allows you to easily load all of your gear including up 3 filly rigged rods and reels, and get on your way. No more hooks in your seats (or your arms), rattling and bouncing rods or even the more embarrassing ‘rods under the windshield wipers’ gimmick.

When your rods are conveniently secured away in the Titan Rod Vault that awesome drive out the river will be that much more relaxing and enjoyable without you worrying about damaging your gear or your vehicle’s interior.
• Travel with rods fully rigged and ready to go
• No more hooks in the sears of your vehicle interior
• More convenient than other in-vehicle rod carriers

We had to come up with something for our trucks so we could have a TRV, this is what we came up with.
Truck cover mount.

Truck side rail mount.


What’s better than fishing? Fishing year-round! The Titan Rod Vault locks both function and fashion to your roof through its aluminum construction which is not only weather-proof, rust-proof and able to stand up to all of Mother Nature’s fury but its also quite the head-turner with its brushed finish and sleek design.

What dose this mean for you? More fishing! And not just more fishing, but more fishing in more places since you can take this roof-trophy anywhere – even on your bucket list cross-country fishing extravaganza!
• Study aluminum construction
• Weather-proof and rust-proof
• Aerodynamic for quiet travel

I love my TITAN Rod Vault, it give us more fishing time, we hate tying # 16-20 flies on, just can’t see like we used too.
Get hook on Jesus; thank God Jesus does not Practice Catch and Release - John 10: 28-30
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