The Heat is on!!

Sand bass are starting to school a little the last few days. With the temperatures climbing the fish have started feeding in the A.M. They have also been schooling a little in the afternoons but not much in the morning.

So be ready early for a little top water action, when I see a few birds working or fish popping I like to throw a Heddon tiny torpedo and watch the sand bass eat it up. It's the most simple lure to use, just cast it out into the feeding fish and reel it back through the fish at a pretty good speed, it cracks me up to see the fish try to kill this bait.

When they stop feeding on top put your slab on and catch the same fish you were just catching on the surface on the bottom. It's a blast either way, your going to fill the cooler and have a big old fashion fish fry. Look out for the under sized Hybrid Striper there is plenty of them mixed in with the sand bass. If the fish has dark broken stripes it's a hybrid and it has to be 18 inches long to keep.

Our lake turned over the past couple of weeks so the fishing was getting suspect just hard to get a pattern on what they are doing.

I guess there is three general ways to go after the big Hybrid Striper either using live bait, trolling, are casting for them.

Right now speaking for myself I try to get my sand bass early and then go after the Hybrid Striper, they seem to break away from the sand bass by mid morning and start holding on the deeper ledges. When I spot them with my depth finder I can drop my trolling motor, zero in on them and throw a big slab at them. It's a KICK!!

On the heat guys stay hydrated. Gatorade works best for me and it makes a huge difference in how I feel when I come off the water. If I've kept up with my fluids, and also don't stay out to long on the water these days I feel fine. The heat slips up on you 2 or 3 hours out there your fine after the 4th hour it's best to come in get off the water find some shade and in a few minutes you will say man it was getting hot out there I'm tired.

So best to catch your fish early come in let me get on the fish cleaning while you get an Oak Cove Hamburger and soak up the A.C. and Ice Tea!!

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