We had a good turn out with 18 anglers. They hit the water at 6:30 for three hours of fishing. And when they returned it was on. Now for there wights.

1st Morgan and shane 14.00lbs. $250

2nd Charles and bubba. 13.06lbs. $110

Big bass Morgan and shane 6.12lbs. $90

And for the other good anglers that weighted in.
Nate and Bill 10.00lbs,Randy and Rochelle 8.06lbs,Kenneth and Tommy 6.08lbs.Well if you're ever in hawkins on a Wednesday night and you brought your boat with ya stop out and have some fun. You will be glad you did. And welcome to the new anglers James and his brother ryan. Hope y'all had fun. Looked like ya did.

Till next week hope to see ya on the water.