Tuesday June 23rd
Long time long time customers and friends Norton and Ben on the fish.
Good fishing all morning for these guys, now they are set for the summer with good times ahead.
Thanks Norton
See you soon

Wednesday June 24th
Mike and grandson Jackson gets a chance to get their line stretched on big Richland Chambers today and they caught lots of nice sand bass plus a few short hybrids. We had to release the hybrids but all and all the trip was a success.
Thank Mike and good luck this summer Jackson.

Let us not forget one of the main reasons we grab our buddies or our grandson and head out to the lake: it’s a great way to relax and just hang out. Sometimes gathering around the TV for a football game or starting a pickup game of basketball at the park is the way to go, but there are times when packing a cooler with some food, grabbing the fishing tackle, and hitting the lake is the perfect way to wind down after a long week. Sharing funny stories, giving each other a hard time, and just being yourselves is what hanging out with friends or your grandson or granddaughter is about and sometimes it’s exactly what we need. Give me a call at 214-728-3310 and let’s schedule a trip and go catch some fish. I can accommodate any size group. You can visit my web site at www.texasfishingguide.net for trip information and more pictures.