Since the lakes are all high and your favorite honey hole on (insert lake name here) is no longer biting...we would like to introduce you guys to the latest(oldest) form of bass fishing tournament! Pond fishing ===> great for the family(your kid can win this) : gets you home sooner to your wife : no boat ramp shenanigans : Requires finesse to hone in your jigging many more benefits.

We know there are a lot of lurkers on here without a boat and have always wanted to test their skills against others. And what better way is there to show off that hand built rod/high end reel combo other than posting your setup photos on the forums. Come prove to everyone that you are the pond master, everyone knows you can catch the mama bass at the pond across the street...but can you do it at an unfamiliar pond?

NTX pond masters would like to start hosting monthly tournaments starting this July at local ponds in the DFW area if we can get a big enough following. Our goal is to have some fun and catch some bass! Its a great way to meet new people, learn new tricks, and find new honey holes!

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