After watching Bill Wilcox's latest posted episode of Honey Hole on Lake Winnsboro, friend of mine and my son-in-law decided to try that lake on Saturday. Never been there (it's due east of Fork past Quitman if you're wondering). We put in at the ramp on west side of dam and worked our way up the west side through first two coves and across the lake back down the east side to the dam. This took us from 7:00 a.m. til 5:30 p.m. so we fished a lot of shore line but not even a third of the lake. All the perimeter is grass, weed lined. Lots of boat docks too. Never found grass away from the bank (never anything on my anchor when I'd pull it up). We caught around 25 or so. As Bill said, you won't catch much of any size but you'll catch numbers and he was right. But here's what we discovered. Nearly all of our bites and fish we landed were on a watermelon red baby brush hog (one on a red spinnerbait, one on a green pumpkin chartreuse spiked senko). The water color was that bronzey, sort of dingy color. And when you lowered a watermelon red brush hog into that water, it seemed to "turn on the red lights" of that lure. Like the water color filtered out the green or any other colors but it magnified the red. So that may have been the reason bass were more attracted to it. Most were caught at the weed line along the bank, some in the thickest cover and some under boat docks. Was overcast most of the day. Shad and fry everywhere but we were surprised we couldn't get anything to hit shad-colored baits - only watermelon red! We did luck into a group of schoolers and had a blast throwing that brush hog into those and catching them like sandies! Anyhow, easy lake to fish for us kayakers. Plenty of coves to get out of the wind. Some boat traffic but not bad. Not really much size (friend may have hooked one 3 lbs that got off under boat dock- but most were 1b or less). Will probably go back there. Had a good time.
Benny Hood