So I am not a Business or anything like that but I want to follow the rules and post things in the correct areas.

I wanted to inform everyone about some really wonderful rods that just hit the online market. I have used them for a couple of months and I love them. The rods are very light and thats great for casting and being on the water al day. They're extremely sensitive I can tell if a fish just bumped my line or if I just pulled my lure through some Hydrilla. The rods also have a stiff back bone for hard hook sets to make sure the fish won't get away. Topping it of is the parabolic bend to help battle the big fish when you really need to count on your rod. The rods were designed by Morgan McCain, the inventor of All Star rods. When I saw his website I knew I had to order some rods so I sent in a money order for my rods, due to the fact that they didn't have a functioning online shop. I ordered a cranking rod and a Texas rig special. Now I know what everyone is thinking I am spam or I work for the company, well if I worked for the company I would be getting a better deal on rods but I don't I work for the company, I work for TEEXs. All I'm trying to do is inform people about these great rods. You can check them out at: or Just look at the rods check them out, read up on them and maybe you will see why I like them so much.

I don't know any other way of saying it without sounding like some suit trying to sell you something. I just really like these rods just like some people like Glooms or St Croix I like McCain rods.