BIL and I drug the kayaks to the island and fished some flats/drains between sweetwater/sidnor bayous and did ok. Oyster/rock reefs in 1 to4 FOW. Water clarity was better than expected. 8 to 10 "visibility. Bait everywhere. Not much of a tidal movement though. Weeded through many undersized specks to take home 6- 16-18"inchers between the both of us. Caught on baby mirrodines. Reds were present too. Landed several rats but came away with 2 solid 22"inchers on small money minnows. Couple of blowups on a skitterrwalk but no takers. The bait is really thriving with all this recent runoff and is growing rapidly. These higher tides really have the fish roaming. We chose to stay with our spots and were somewhat successful.
"Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway."

John Wayne