I have a few rods and reel that I have no need for any longer. First is a brand new Team KVD Quantum reel. This reel went out on the water with me exactly 3 times. I still have the box and everything that goes with it. Function is 10/10 and Aesthetics are 10/10. Next is a Denali Kovert 7'8" Extra Hvy Rod. This rod is also brand new. It went out about twice with me. Third is a Denali J2 Series 6' 6" Topwater rod. Once again, brand new rod that actually housed the Team KVD reel. Last is a Denali J2 Series 7' Hvy Flipping rod. This rod did get some usage out of it, but it got replaced. I had to JB weld a rod eye back in, but it works flawlessly.

Team KVD - $60
Denali Kovert - $75
Denali J2 Flipping $50
Denali J2 Topwater $50

I do accept paypal and will ship at your expense. Local meet up in Granbury, TX only.

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