This man took care of me from when I was a kid up till my adult life. I was never scared of going to see the the doctor as long as it was him.
So many of us could tell tales of this good man.
My favorite memory is of one early morning when I seen him at Cedar Ridge Marina.This was back when Lake Belton was in her prime. I'd gotten gas and noticed him sitting at the dock in his boat. I went in and paid for the gas and coming out said ..Hey Doc. This man taught me how to use Lil' George and slabs for white bass and hybrids.
He was sitting there and I noticed he had a loaf of bread and was rolling little balls out of it. I quizzed him for info on where they were at...
Later on I spotted him off a point towards the long bridge , so I stayed back till he hauled out in a hurry.
After he'd got out of sight I went to the place he'd been at. The gulls were working hard and heavy there.
I started slabbing and thinking I'm going to slay them......untill I noticed these little round balls of bread floating everywhere.........
He knew how to take care of the pot lickers.
R.I.P Doc