Hey TFF nation,

Fished the TPAF bass tournament this last week there and thought I would share some love on the current (as of Thursday) conditions from an amateur perspective. The rivers are both ranging from 86-91 degrees and are muddy to stained. I only caught dinks up there and found a good school at an underwater point where the two rivers come together. I couldn’t head south due to running out of time and I wish I could have!
Day one came and of course! The school I found was now gone and nowhere to be found! At least by me. I decided to stay on the deeper pattern and stayed north due to having no knowledge at the entire south end of the lake. I wish I would have just headed south but ah well. Every cove north of Sandy creek seemed to have nothing but that dam moss that kills off the good grass. We stayed in Sandy and did pretty good but again all under with one nice fish that was lost due to my net foul!!!!. sorry partner.
Day two came and we hammered down and headed south, east of the dam and found clearer water, about 3’ visibility and grass everywhere! In the coves. The water temp was ranging from 84-88 and stayed steady all day (partly cloudy and 6-11 mph wind). We couldn’t get on the top water bite so we went with what we do best! Fliipin docks. We found two good kickers and a solid keeper under wood docks as well as a dozen or so unders. Not a single bite under anything metal. Every wood dock we came too had a few bass huddled under it. We pulled them out with Excite Raptor tails in the Plumkin color and a watermelon red.

Go home at the end of your shift, no mater the cost!