Went to a hunting and fishing expo at a local coliseum looking for hopefully a new rod for my new BB1 Pro reel I got in the mail today but turned out that show was a joke for my use . Not even worth talking about .

Anyway as I said I got my Lews BB1 in the mail todays so ended up at Academy Sports here looking for a rod . Spent nearly a hour or so looking at rods . After checking out many I narrowed down to a Shimano Claris 7' and a Lews American Hero Speed Stick 7' . The Shimano had all cork handle and the Lews had the split handle not cork . Both had a one yr warranty but the Shimano was $99.99 and the Lews was $69.00 +tax . I have a Quantum on my Abu Garcia reel and it's very nice but only 6' and I wanted at least 7' .

This was really tough cause I really would like to have both but only needed one . I compared from both ends , eyes' , flexibility , weight/balance and how they felt in my hands . Both were 10-20 lb line but the Lews has up to 1-1/2 oz lures whereas the Shimano was 3/4 oz. . The Shimano tho was IM8 graphite but the Lews was IM6 graphite . Both are one piece tho and that's what I wanted .

So after comparing for who knows how long I finally decidied on the Lews Speed Stick . I think this will work just fine with the Lews' reel . Bought some Trilene 14-lb line to spool the reel with later this after noon then i'll do some test throws . I'll have to go to a park later for that . Nearest water is almost 2 hours drive so that will come later .

I want to thank all those that gave me advice and helped me with choosing the BB1 reel and rod choices . I know most had advised a TFO but unless u ordered online and then getting the rod in my hands I had no way of knowing if I really would like it even tho I don't doubt it , just ready to have a pole for my reel now . Thanks again everyone !!