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Blending the shallow water attraction of a squarebill with the weedlessness of a hollow body frog, the Kahara KJ Crank provides anglers with the very best of both worlds. Built with a soft, hollow-body construction, the Kahara KJ Crank is able to bend and flex in a way that no other crankbait can, allowing it to maneuver through the heavy cover and thick vegetation that bass use as ambush points.

At the front, the Kahara KJ Crank is fitted with a flexible circuit board lip that can be bounced and banged off of stumps and rocks without incurring damage. Fitted with a double frog hook and a treble hook, the Kahara KJ Crank ensures positive hook sets, even around less aggressive fish. Perfect for ripping through grass and banging against all manner of shallow structure, the Kahara KJ Crank is built to expose those big bass buried in heavy cover.

Kahara Length Weight
KJ Crank 2-1/2" 3/8oz
Rick Wallace

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