I had a customer order a few 3 Blade RonRig's, the dimensions are:
Center Leg - 5.5"
Outer Legs - 4.5"
Type - #2 Colorado & Willow Blades (Sun was going down, but so Pictures are not the greatest.

I will be offering the following by the weekend:
Jumpers for UmBrellla Rigs, RonRigs, etc. The weakest part is the cable. I build with premium crimps, and use a professional crimper to make the ends up. A customer told me his biggest problem with the type umbrella Rig he uses, is that the wire comes undone, because of the way they are crimped. I use 30 or 45lb AFW Surflon wire. The pictures are 45lb wire, and 70 and 90 Duo-Lock's.

Last but not least....Ready for this???? What is something you can you give your lady (or man I guess??, that they don't already have......READY????
Nekid Fishing Earrings!!!! Yes you read right, made with Willow and Colorado Blades, Crane swivels, and other quality components...Why do you ask???? My momma loves the blades and asked me to make her some Earrings, well here they are:

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