So I know it has been a while since I have made a post, but due to weather and work I have been busy and haven't had to much of a chance to make it out on the water. I was all excited to go out and try my new McCain Rod, than the rain started and well I'm sure everyone else knows what happened with that. A couple weeks ago when I got the chance to get out on the water I grabbed my new rod and headed for the lake. Now I am not a great writer or anything like that so this is my opinion on the rod.

The rod I was using was a 7' med heavy worm rod. The first thing I noticed was my casting distance had increased by 15-20 feet. I could get my baits way out there and to me that is a big thing. I feel if I can cast past where I intend to put my bait and I can bring it back to that area that means I don't have to mess around with my boat and get it close in. The next big thing was the sensitivity let me feel everything. I could tell if my bait was pulling through hydrilla or bumping on the bottom. The most in portent thing was the parabolic bend in the rod once the hook was set. I could play a fish easily, I lost less fish and had better hook sets on the fish.

Like I said I am not a great writer and this is my personal opinion so any negative comments please keep to yourself. I am also a weekend fisherman not a semi pro, pro, or anything like that. I have been fishing since I could remember and I know what I like and what works for me. With that being said I hope you like this write up about McCain Rods.