The Patent Pending is completed for this one, Select-A-Blade-1, we are still working out the kinks on the Select-A-Blade-II, which the patent pending should be issued later in the month.

This amazing RonRig will be on my website within the week, but there will be a special offer for TFF members. This is a custom RonRig, showcasing that Nekid Tackle can easily customize any order, at a very very reasonable price.

This was the "5.5" but I extended the center wire and added a #3.5 Willow blade, which will katch BIG Fish.

The special swivel is durable plastic and as you can see you can add any blade, or Crane Swivel and Blade on the fly. It takes about 5 seconds to replace all four blades. Gently twist the blade or crane swivel out or in to change the blades, or remove all blades. Same super high quality of the strongest and toughest ARig on the planet, with the ability to change blades. Please note that the blades are so shiny, they reflect all colors in the vicinity!!

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Why play with the rest when you can fish with the Best... RonRig !!