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#10890293 - 06/02/15 01:33 PM Beginner Basser
bassfishinggoons Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 06/01/15
Posts: 2
Loc: Texas
Just joined up had been looking around websites like this one and looks like this one is a bit more populated with real fisherman cheers .. So happy to have joined and be here!!

When starting off in the sport and first choosing your right "bass fishing" tackle, what are some of the first items as far as poles,line,lures,etc.. Looking for a general setup for about $250.00 or so..
Just a par?

#10890575 - 06/02/15 03:38 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
Jpurdue Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 04/28/14
Posts: 1949
Loc: NW Houston
A lot of guys on here might disagree, but I think if you are starting out and have a pretty tight budget I'd stick with a spinning reel. In general they are far more versatile and forgiving than baitcasters. I'd buy a mid level spinning rod and reel. A decent one might set you back $150 or so. I'd spool 10lb fluorocarbon on it and use the rest to load up on plastic worms, hooks, spinnerbaits, a few cranks, a couple jigs, and a top water or two. Don't forget a good pair of needle nose pliers. That would burn through your $250 pretty quickly. It's an expensive hobby, so be prepared for the next 250!
"Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley." -A.L.

#10890661 - 06/02/15 04:07 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
bogey♂ Offline
TFF Guru

Registered: 02/21/08
Posts: 15595
Loc: plano

When I started, I fished a lot of local ponds to get the know how and I did a ton of reading.

#10890695 - 06/02/15 04:20 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
mwbmod74 Offline

Registered: 07/04/11
Posts: 340
A good combo that I use and have several of is a Academy H20 Mettle reel, paired with your choice of Bass Pro Shops "Tourney Special" rods. The reel is 49.00 with lifetime warranty, and the rod is like 39.99. I have several of these and have caught lots n lots of bass, some big, some not so big, lolol. My favorite is the 7'0 Med Heavy rod. And then fill the reel with P-Line Fluroclear
15lb line and your dialed in.

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#10890733 - 06/02/15 04:29 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
bc4393 Offline

Registered: 01/29/13
Posts: 99
I'd say Pflueger President combo (great rod for a combo pack btw). 80 bucks, Smooth real, tons of great reviews, lasts forever, can't say enough about this rig but I won't bore you. Just start reading about em. Get the largest size reel and 6'6" medium action rod. You can do a lot with that setup. 80 bucks. 12lb braid (I like Spiderwire Ultracast personally) is a good place to start. Flourocrbon i snic too but read carefully. Some Flouro brands don't like spinning reels and coils spring off the spool when you cast. Later on you can venture to medium heavy, longer rods or more action etc, but medium action is universal enough to fish different ways and have some backbone to haul out some big fish if you need to.

Pflueger President combo

For what to fish with. I'd start with the link below. Plastics are cheap (relatively) and they catch bass, period. Watermelon color (its green) with red flecks, of the bass pro shops 4 1/4 inch Stick'O worm is my favorite all around color/brand now. The big boys use Gary Yamamoto Senko worms which are the original "senko" worms and are more supple so they catch more fish but you rip through em for the price too. BPS seems to be the next best thing and they are cheap. I've got some suggestions and explanation about weights and hooks (which are cheap too) in the link.

Get familiar with Academy sports line of fishing gear, H20. They make great stuff for the money. Square bills: Match the bill size to the depth you fish, check the box. Don't use something that dives 15 feet for neighborhood pond fishing! and H20 poppers (a little advanced to start fishing with yet maybe) are pretty highly regarded for only costing 3 bucks a piece.

Get a silver rattle trap with a blue or black back. 1/2 oz should be good to start. Universally known to catch bass. Crank it in or vary the speed and do some fancy stuff with it. They catch fish. Never be without one.

Academy rattle trap

Pair of pliers (I just use a leatherman) and small scissors.

Keep searching and cruising the forums here. You'll get a ton of info and start expanding your gear as you learn different things.
I started with a Pflueger President combo after not fishing for 10 years and it was like a Cadillac compared ot my old ugly stick and shimano setup from even another 10 years before that. Now I have 2 Pflueger spinning setups and 2 Baitcaster setups (H20 mettle and BPS pro qualifier) with different rod types and actions etc to fish specific techniques better.

#10890734 - 06/02/15 04:29 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
scott82 Offline

Registered: 02/05/14
Posts: 116
I would go with one of the Jonny Morris combos at bass pro. I'd go after a rod in the 6 6 6 9 range. Use 12 lb line. Starting out it's probably better to use mono. Flor tends to break inside the reel if you back last a lot/ or a bad black last. I do well with a zoom tx rig lizard watermelon red with a chart tail. 3-16 tungsten weight on a 3/0 hook. Black blue flake senkos work well and white ice fluke.

#10890757 - 06/02/15 04:34 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
bbassfishes Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 09/30/12
Posts: 593
Loc: Granbury, TX
I'd look at the Quantum Accurist or Catalystas far as a reel goes, and with the rod I would look in the direction of Denali or Falcon. Quantum makes some good rods, but the ones worth using are in the higher price range. Falcon and Denali make quality rods for lower prices. You are going to want something that will last you.

Don't make a crappy small investment up front and turn around and spend more money quicker with a rod and reel that busts on you within the year.

Take the rest and start acquiring tackle. It's expensive now and adds up quick, especially when bank fishing. If you want to spend your full 250, I'd look into picking up a Quantum energy and then using the rest on one of the rods mentioned above.

Just MHO.

Quantum Energy
Denali J2 Rod

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#10890762 - 06/02/15 04:35 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
TanHner36 Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 04/03/15
Posts: 1015
Loc: Houston, TX

I would probably go with a $100 rod/reel combo 6'6'' to 7' MH/F
12lb. flouro (If it's a bait cast combo)
4/0 Gamakatsu EWG worm hooks
Black or Green Pumpkin Magic Yamamoto Senko worms

Use that gear and hit a couple ponds and have fun!

#10890826 - 06/02/15 04:54 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
bassfishinggoons Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 06/01/15
Posts: 2
Loc: Texas
Holy Sh... Thanks for the responses !! Definitely just got hooked to the site.. Thanks for all the kind PM msgs and offers with tips on the new bass setup, I have some ammo to go shop now..I been on the site for a couple hours already today (it's getting a bit addicting). hmmm
Just a par?

#10890832 - 06/02/15 04:57 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
Ken A. Offline
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 10/02/06
Posts: 9368
Loc: Trophy Club, TX
There are some good folks on here. Lots of guys willing to help ya. What part of TX are ya in?

#10890859 - 06/02/15 05:07 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
wagonwheel Offline

Registered: 06/06/11
Posts: 441
Loc: Mansfield, TX
I can also endorse the Academy H2O reels. For the price, they can't be beat!
Hey--we finally caught one!

Wife PB 8.68 lbs. Joe Pool, ---My PB 8.68 lbs. Joe Pool, - Son PB 6.08 lbs. Lake Fork

#10890904 - 06/02/15 05:27 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
collincountytx Offline
TFF Guru

Registered: 04/08/08
Posts: 14635
Loc: Dallas, TX
Welcome. Good info above (I like the Pflueger spinning and baitcasting reels also)

As far as quality/good price these are my recommendations (a lot of these items are available at Wmart) Map out three or so Wmarts near you and browse the fishing and clearance isles over the next three weeks. Oftentimes, different Wmarts will have clearnances on old stock and great deals on rods/reels/lures/line/hooks. The deals are random and not advertised.

1. rod/reel--agree with the Pflueger combos (both spinning and baitcasting)
2. line--12lb Trilene Big Game is the most versatile widely available cost effective line.
3. soft plastics--most Wmarts have a big box of $1.97 YUM/luckestrike soft plastics.
I'd get the following in black/blue/purple/junebug for murky/stained water and green/watermelon for clearer water
5 inch YUM dingers, 7 inch ribbon tail worms, 10 inch worms, plastic craws and creature baits.
I'd get some zoom flukes in white and watermelon red (they are on sale right now)

Cast and retrieve lures--H&H spinnerbaits, beetle spins, rattle traps/cotton cordell spots, chatterbaits
4. hooks--I'd keep it simple and just start with some 3/0 EWG hooks.
5. weights--pinch on bullshot weights are very easy and versatile--this is rare to find at Wmart, but most Academies carry them

Learn to tie a good knot for line to hook. Tie it the same way every time.
I like the doubled uni--works great on all line types.

#10890951 - 06/02/15 05:47 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
Scott in Flower Mound Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 05/24/14
Posts: 559
Loc: Flower Mound, TX

For the most part, the folks on the TFF are upstanding guys (and an occasional gal) who are happy to share what has worked (or is working) for them. I've learned a ton here (not that I know anything, mind you).

if you are doing bank fishing, get an old school backpack out of the closet, and buy some plastic Plano lure boxes, and load 'em into your backpack. Easier than lugging a tackle box. If you fish with braid (highly suggested IMHO if you're getting a spinning reel set up) get yourself some 'braid scissors'. Regular scissors don't work. Also, if you go with fluorocarbon, get some spray bottle line conditioner. Otherwise, line gets twisted, and bad things happen during casts. Braid doesn't have this problem, but braid floats, and therefore can make some lure retrieves less productive as a result. Find ponds to fish. Don't forget to buy 2-3 yellow beetle spins, and throw those using a medium-slow retrieve. 1/6 oz. Rooster tails are also fun, and bass love 'em. A weightless, Texas-rigged 5" Senko worm on a slow retrieve is also a lot of fun.

I have two Pflueger Presidents, and love 'em both. I recommend the 6935 or the 6940 for bass on a medium action spinning rod. Also, beware the Mosquitos , ticks and chiggers right now. These rains have caused those critters to explode this Spring. Get some DEET spray, and wear a hat! sun's gettin' serious nowadays.

Scott in Flower Mound

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#10890983 - 06/02/15 06:00 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
CajunPOG Offline

Registered: 05/28/14
Posts: 75
I would suggest reading up at Bass Resource. They have lots of good articles for beginners, from tackle to tactics to lure presentation. Very good site to learn from.

Also, just my two cents, I would stick to mono while you're learning. It's cheap, tough, and reliable. It isn't as sensitive as braid or invisible underwater like flourocarbon but it's one less thing to try and hassle with. Trilene Big Game in 12 or 15 lbs for a baitcaster or Trilene XL in 8 or 10 lbs will get you set for most situations. If you're looking for a cheap combo to try, check out the Lews American Hero combo at Academy. Not bad for the price.

#10891066 - 06/02/15 06:38 PM Re: Beginner Basser [Re: bassfishinggoons]
Dan90210 ☮ Offline
Nonbinary Gender of the Year 2017

Registered: 11/18/09
Posts: 27482
Loc: Denton County
Good advice here for sure!

One thing I might add is start simple.

Few spinnerbaits, a top water popper, couple lipless trap type baits, and a Texas rigged worm still catches fish better than almost anything.

Just keep it simple to start. It'll get way outta control soon enough.

Originally Posted By: junbengreat
Pulled a gun on his dryer and they caught a bunch of fish.

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