See what you guys think of this for storage of my kayak(sorry the image is sideways):
I was going to build a wall rack, which I could hang my PFD and all my gear on also, but I decided to go with the overhanging pulley system I devised after a quick trip to Home Depot. I went with the pulley system because I have a limited amount of wall space for what I wanted to do. I can back my pickup in and if I go slowly I can lower it directly into my bed. I doubt you can see it in the picture, but I have a separate strap that I sewed between the two support straps to keep them from moving too far apart from either end of the kayak. I think this will prevent any damage to the hull. I also have a small mushroom-type anchor
that I plan to tie with 20 feet of rope to the back of my yak. I dug through my ski boat supplies to find it after my second kayak fishing trip, in which I found that even the smallest gusts of wind could send me to the other side of the pond if I wasn't behind some sort of cover. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Teenager. I do many types of fishing. 10 foot Pelican Matrix Angler