Finally found a day to go and fish with out getting soaked. Almost forgot how to fish. But after catching the first fish. It all came back to us all. Fish on. And I would like to say a big welcome to all the new anglers that fished tonight and hope to see more of y'all in the future tournaments. And what I over heard is they felt right in the vets and had a blast. That is just what we do. Have fuuuuuunnnn. Ok enough of the bla bla.

1st nate and Bill. 8.12lbs. $210

2nd Jason and Kenneth. 8.08lbs. $90

Big bass Eddie. 3.06lbs. $75 (new angler) good job

And the rest of the field.
Eddie 7.08, Jeff and Louie 7.06 Idris and Chris 6.10

Till next week hope to see ya on the water.

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