I was at Patmayse almost 2 weeks ago, fishing the annual Uncle Jesse's Tournament.
Water is severely stained, lake is highest its been in the last decade, and something is killing exclusively Sandbass (phytoplakton?).
Carp are going crazy along the banks, and (spotted) gar are in full spawn and visible toward surfaces in shallow coves in broad daylight (we saw several 2-3ft loners and a group of three swam by our boat in deeper water).
Bass apparently had lockjaw, the biggest fish in the tourney being 5.85 lb.s (when winners are usually 10 or more)
We only caught a two pounder we released. Very little in the way of bites. Dead sandbass floating and washed up everywhere.
Water was about 69-70 degrees on fish finder.
I will find you, and I will catch you