Had my cousin up here from Del Rio for my daughters graduation from TWU. Our little cousin is a game warden down south and she loves to fish and has wanted to fish Roberts with me forever. We launched from Pond Creek Friday morning with the docks submerged about a foot under the water and the water close to where the ramp meets the parking lot. We went to explore a little bit and started across the lake to where the Trinity swings close to the far bank, I used to fish that area quite a bit but it has been dry. I got to about mid lake and quickly shut down as the floating debris field coming down the Trinity river channel was just scary. Very large piles of brush and floating logs that were following the old river right down the middle of the lake. We turned around and fished a couple of areas I know on the West shore of the Sanger side and caught quite a few fish where ever we could find clearer water. It was all nasty but some nastier than other.

Cousin left Friday evening after graduation and a celebration dinner at Joe T Garcias(awesome chow right there). I left the boat hooked up and decided I would go back to Roberts for a little more fun Saturday. I turned down the road to launch at Pond Creek again because the wind was strong from the South and that is a great launch in a South wind. I got all the way down the road to find the gate to the launch locked!(A sign at the corner would be nice if you are going to do this!!!!!!!!) I backed my boat all the way back to the intersection and went to the Sanger Ramp. Things had changed drastically over night. Everything had muddied up bad! I went to the areas I had fished the day before and they were all muddy! I finally found some cleaner water about the time the thunder started. I don't play around with boats and lightning so I hauled booty back to the ramp and got the boat loaded and tied down just as the bottom fell out of it. I drove back to Denton in a torrential downpour and strong winds which was an adventure pulling a boat. Stopped at an intersection in town and looked back in the mirror to see the auto bilge pump come on and hose the car next to my boat, now that was funny! Anyway got home wet but safe.

I do understand closing ramps so they can keep track of how many people are on the water, it is a very dangerous place to drive a boat right now! I for one am very grateful for the rain we have received and am looking forward to a fun summer of boating and fishing and plenty of water to keep the yards nice. Please be safe and please watch for floating debris as I think that will be a problem for a good while! Oh and I almost forgot, if you like to shoot carp with a bow, please go to Roberts and do so now, they are everywhere in 3" of water!

Be Safe!!
See you on the lake and have a great day!