I have a 2001 crownline 202 family boat. 2 years ago my boat was running rough and backfiring occasionally. I was trying to get my boat started when the starter bolts sheared off leaving the starter disconnected from the motor. Due to where the starter in this boat you can not get to the bolts without raising the engine several inches out of the boat. The boat was not fixed due to lack of money (had some major medical issues)
So last year I take the boat to Randy's boat repair in Farmersville due to some recommendations on another forum. Well... as I am dropping my boat off... Randy makes the comment to me.. well I sure hope your block is not cracked. He said this a couple of different times. I am thinking to myself... He hasn't even looked at my boat.. how is he projecting that the block is already cracked?
Anyway.. a month later he calls me.. Yep, your blocked is cracked you need a new engine. It was almost as if he just wanted to replace the engine? Anyway... I didn't have the cash for a new engine so I picked up the boat and its been in my barn ever since.

Its been 2 years since I have been able to use my boat.. I am looking for a TRUSTWORTHY person that can put my boat back together and get it running and I would ideally like to have a shop that could re-do my seats as well...

I live in Allen. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I prefer the local guys over dealerships. Thanks in advance.
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