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Pictures and descriptions - Just Released @ www.nekidtackle.com

6" Crappie Spreader - Two 6" Wires, .032 Stainless Wire 1 for $1.55, 2 for $2.55, 4 for $4.00

2 New RonRig Retriever's - built with SUPER STRONG .062 STAINLESS STEEL WIRE, including an 8oz TORPEDO Possum Kingdom Edition Weight (inspired by Jeff Bobo's Recent - Troll in the WIND, ALONE at PK Lake Adventure) Starting at $4.95

Clip-On RonRig/Umbrella Rig Weight's Change Weights on the Fly, when Trolling with RonRig's, or Umbrella Rigs (package includes 3, 5, and 6 oz weights) Starting at $6.50 (great for Kayak'ers)

21" .085 Stainless Umbrella Rig - with 5 Leaders and Eeel's (I didn't build these, but got one heckuva deal on them)
Blade Upgrades to RonRig's with #2 Willow and Colorado Leaf Blades Want larger blades on your RonRig, add these to your order and I will build with your choice!

Soon to be Released

--> 30 and 45 lb leader kit for Umbrella Rig
--> Select-A-Blade RonRig (patent work for this and all RonRig products almost completed)
--> RonBrella
--> TRANSFORMER - use your RonRig as an A style Rig, or Umbrella Rig adding up to 9 leaders and Jigs
--> New Jig's (Nekid and Semi Nekid)
--> Plans to build your Fluid Bed to Powder Paint Your Jigs - 100% of all sales will be donated to Take A Soldier Fishing. Electronic and laminated print will be available, again all sold will be donated to TASF.
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