1- Shimano Citica 200 G7 bought it I think last summer,Spooled up with Power Pro and never used, includes box, Reel is flawless.
100.00 TYD

1- Abu Garcia Orra SX I have had this for over a year, I spooled it up with braid and used it twice, its just on a combo that I just never use. NO BOX
This reel looks and works just like new!
50.00 TYD

I'm having trouble loading pics for some reason but these reels are just as I described!! and you will swear they are new.
Prices are firm so please don't ask to get them cheaper as they don't take up much room and they don't eat much either

paypal only to cms.philcrofoot@yahoo.com

Only trade is I will trade both reels for a Chronarch 200E6