Two of my friends have just bought these trolling motors, I sold their Minn Kota trolling motors on this site. Well two days ago I went with one of them to try out the new motors. The Ulterra is totally awesome, we went to Lake Austin, the the Ulterra worked flawlessly and was so cool to operate. As soon as you turn off the big motor you hit the launch button that's around your neck(the remote), by the time you get up from the console and get to the front seat the trolling motor is in the water. If you catch a fish or have to retie just hit the anchor button and the boat holds it's position until you're ready to start again.This is just an FYI on a new product that I tried out and liked. If it's not appropiate just remove it for me, but people with bad backs, me, and older folks, me, will love the newest tool for their boat.