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#10807543 - 04/29/15 07:11 PM Flooded Brush/Grass Etc
chickenfried76 Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 02/07/06
Posts: 1565
Loc: Trophy Club
We've been blessed with rising lakes all over DFW. I mainly fish Grapevine because it is closest to the house and there is usually little traffic driving to the lake. I was out last week and saw a lot of cover that is now in water. Some on main lake points, most in the backs of coves/creeks. For guys that fish Grapevine a lot, or those that fish lakes with this kind of cover, how do you go about fishing this effectively? On Grapevine in particular when the water has risen like this, do you fish this cover, and if so, what is your most successful technique?

My thoughts:
-cover a ton of water with a buzz bait or swimming frog, when i get bit, stay in that area and use a fluke, senko, or other slower bait that is weedless
-flipping a jig or plastic will produce, but with this much flooded cover, that could take all day to get a few bites
-baits with an open treble hook will get snagged and I'll spend all day dealing with hang-ups or grass on the bait

Is there a technique you've found that is best to fish cover that i'm forgetting?

I appreciate everyone's thoughts. I know that people try to keep their secrets, but my hope is that i'm not the only twice a month fisherman that has these same questions.

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#10807600 - 04/29/15 07:34 PM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
Donald Harper Online   happy
TFF Guru

Registered: 01/25/08
Posts: 14291
Loc: Justin, TX.
I use a spinner bait only in this kind of stuff; running it just under the surface where the blades are almost making a wake. You will be able to see the spinner and watch the bass flash on her side to take it. This allows me to see every fish that makes a swipe at it. If I am not hooking up then I will go to some of the others you mentioned. It is the fastest fish locator there is.

The buzz bait, frog and a spook fished in the open pockets are also great baits. Like you say, then slow down with some of the slow moving plastics and work to the last bushes that are under water. Once you establish this outer line then parallel fish it with the slow moving plastics like a fluke and senko.

I still love fishing a light Texas rig with a pumpkin seed power worm on this outer weed and bush lines in about 5 to 10 ft. of water. I would use it before the fluke and senko.
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#10807662 - 04/29/15 07:55 PM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
Brent S Offline
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 07/04/13
Posts: 3178
Loc: Eagle Mountain Lake
Been out there to grapevine but haven't caught anything. I'm hoping that the bass will move up into the vegetation by this weekend. The water should be settled out a little better by then too.

My approach is a bright colored spinnerbait above the vegetation, a jig, a light and heavy t-rig.
Brent Shimanek

#10807693 - 04/29/15 08:04 PM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
Brad R Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 03/09/15
Posts: 1806
Loc: Texas
My friend and I were talking about just this very thing as it relates to all of the new water from rain and being pumped into Wheeler Branch from the Paluxy River. WB is a grassy/veggie lake, for sure, and several weeks ago, the vegetation was near the top of the water; now, it is several feet down not having had time to adjust to the new depth.

We both think that if you fish early and late, top waters ought to do the trick as the fish can now attack "up" and they are looking "up" more, too.

Still, once found or if/when that plays out, from a boat just set up outside of any grass or structures and like the other post mentioned, cast plastics along its length parallel to it. You'll stay in the strike zone for a very long and slow retrieve.

My theory gets tested Friday!


#10807827 - 04/29/15 08:58 PM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: Brad R]
Phototex Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 02/13/14
Posts: 1409
Loc: Coppell, TX
Good luck at WB Friday, Brad - Let us know how you do! (Sorry - Didn't mean to hijack your post.)

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#10807831 - 04/29/15 08:58 PM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
collincountytx Online   content
TFF Guru

Registered: 04/08/08
Posts: 14579
Loc: Dallas, TX
What's been working for me with the stained water and flooded brush/grass shallow
--stick baits, flukes, and zipper worms on a weedless hook on 12lb fluoro on the inside brush/grass line. They've been wanting this really slow (almost deadsticking)
--5 inch swimbaits on a belly weighted screw lock hook on 20lb fluoro swam through the brush
--flipping craws and creatures on a 1/4oz pegged Trig on 65lb braid to pockets and gaps
--frogs and other topwaters on 65lb braid and 15lb Mean Green
--chatterbaits with swimbait trailer on the outside brush/grass line.

If you can find young lily pads those, in particular, have been really productive

As I see more and more of the shad spawning, I'll be working in more square bills and spinner baits.

#10807986 - 04/29/15 09:44 PM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
mikefish42 Offline

Registered: 04/19/15
Posts: 102
No doubt a spinnerbait is the best bait for covering the ground and finding the fish, but after you think you have caught all the fish in that area, don't leave. Pick up your flipping stick and flip the thickest cover with your favorite plastic.

#10808256 - 04/30/15 01:10 AM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
serg1001 Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 01/10/13
Posts: 630
Loc: falcon lake, tx
Spinnerbait and some square bills if I can get them through some open pockets

#10808265 - 04/30/15 02:07 AM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: serg1001]
lconn4 Online   content
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 12/02/12
Posts: 9031
Loc: Cherokee County
Caught a bunch on Palestine yesterday on spinner bait. Nothing over 3.5 lbs. It was a pain getting the grass off the bait but it worked a lot better than a fluke for me. Best method for me was a steady retrieve just under surface and then slow to let sink just a few inches deeper. Fish were crushing it as I slowed down... but still steady retrieve.

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#10808331 - 04/30/15 06:34 AM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
chickenfried76 Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 02/07/06
Posts: 1565
Loc: Trophy Club
Thanks for the responses. Anyone have luck currently or back when Grapevine was flooded with fishing these patterns? Seems like the fish on GV are different than other lakes, but that might just be in my head from all of the fruitless trips to the lake.

#10808342 - 04/30/15 06:51 AM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
Nutman Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 11/01/13
Posts: 2634
Loc: Athens, TX
Use a 1/4oz Roadrunner. You can cover a lot of ground and you can locate fish real fast.
Once you have a fish hit the roadrunner stop and use weightless/weedless Senkos and flukes or light weighted worms for the BIG fish.
you would be surprised as to what that little swimming grub will produce this time of year.

#10808534 - 04/30/15 08:26 AM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
Rudy Lackey Offline
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 03/03/02
Posts: 8106
Loc: N. Richland Hills Texas USA
Black Ol Monster 12" Zoom. No weight.

#10808559 - 04/30/15 08:35 AM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: mikefish42]
SteezMacQueen Online   sleepy
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 11/02/14
Posts: 5303
Loc: Red Oak, Galveston, and Pagosa...
Originally Posted By: mikefish42
No doubt a spinnerbait is the best bait for covering the ground and finding the fish, but after you think you have caught all the fish in that area, don't leave. Pick up your flipping stick and flip the thickest cover with your favorite plastic.
I start off flipping rage craws into that kinda stuff. They are in the weeds. Almost as soon as it's wet! Trust me. They are there. Last night I spent two hours flipping and pitching a 40ft row of flooded grass, floating timber, and "trash"... Caught 6 in that stretch. The bass are SUPER shallow. Less than three feet for me. They are sucked up so tight to cover, that you almost have to try to get snagged to catch them.
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#10808674 - 04/30/15 09:09 AM Re: Flooded Brush/Grass Etc [Re: chickenfried76]
Anchorman Offline
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Registered: 03/02/15
Posts: 1192
Loc: Small Town NE Texas
We used to call it "new water" when a lake would rise up into shoreline cover and vegetation. When this happened we fished it exclusively. We would run spinner baits and flip jigs in and around the cover. If we were able to establish a pattern we would primarily flip a jig or creature bait. My favorite was a lake fork creature in watermelon/red texas rigged with the weight pegged. The magic ingredient for me was chartreuse spike it on the tips especially in stained water. My partner had his best success flipping a jig with a craw trailer.

When you do catch a couple of fish pay close attention to exactly where they were caught. Look at all the details. Sometimes you can establish a common pattern. Other times you just have to keep moving and cover some water and you will catch them cruising. They love the new water and all the new food sources it makes available to them.

Experiment and find what works for you. Don't get too caught up on what we say to do. You have to get your own mojo going!
If it ain't yours don't mess with it!
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