Big break is fishing good on the lower water as the tide starts to come in right around 9am winter island/ swearinger island/rearmans island should be good on the incoming tide with senkos, blades and Buzzbait or spook... Don't pass up any isolated punch stuff as the bigger fish are using them...As the water gets higher the north wall will be good inside punching and pitching senko or crank bait in spase tullies , stay in the break until 11am then hit 3 ponds and punch the slop on the left side and back wall headed toward the styrofoam, other good areas are mandiville punching only on the right side of the opening as soon as you enter , punch the isolated stuff close to the bank then run to the southeast corner and punch the slop there
Radio ditch is good on the south end on the patch in the middle of slough , these areas will produce if you are patient and fish slow and rotate areas... Key baits are punch rig, spook, senko, crankbait