My fishing team, Just Bitten Shark Fishing Team, is joining forces with the Texas Sentinels Foundation to put together an event to raise money and awareness for their organization. Shark fishing teams will pair up with a Wounded Warrior for an exciting weekend of Catch and Release, Land Based Shark Fishing. Please show your support and Like their Facebook page.

The date for this event is July 31st through August 2nd and it will take place on Bolivar. If you are interested in participating or would like to provide support for this event please let me know. There are only about 5-10 Wounded Warriors that will be joining us. You do not have to paired up with a Wounded Warrior to participate. Come out and show your support and have a great weekend fishing!

Things we need:

Fishermen - The more people that show up the better. If you definitely want to take a Wounded Warrior shark fishing, please contact me at Send me your name, team name, and contact information.

Freebies - I will be putting together SWAG Bags that will have information about LBSF and the Texas Sentinels Foundation. I would also like to include things such as business cards, koozies, keychains, advertisements, etc. from companies that represent the LBSF and fishing community.

Door Prizes/Raffle Items - If you would like to donate items to be raffled off or given away as door prizes please let me know. The Texas Sentinels Foundation is comprised of mostly volunteers and the organization gives 97% of funding directly to it’s cause. For more info please check out their website

My name is Walter and I can be contacted at

Just Bitten Shark Fishing Team