I have been busier the a virgin in a whore houseds with 200$ to spend these past few days. Busy making and selling bait. With my bad memory I am afraid that I have misses someones along the way. If you package is late please let me know ASAP

so i can track it and get it to you be either resending you a new package with some extras to make up for your loss time. I have kept all the tracking numbers and I can tracking it down quickly for you. if not I will resend you a new package bait and make it up to you . really appreciated all the support from every one one forum. Whith every ones help from the boa I have been able give out 4 fishing rod combos from Abu Garcia and Medum Rod with lots of baits hooks , trrebel hook split shot weights slip corks 6 PACKS OF BAIT FOR Free and a couple trips for suffering with Ptsd. I had to order 3 more 47lb Buckets of of cheese I am down to my last one so get it while there is some left I ordered it today it might be here by the weekends but with every one ordering hals gallons it wont take long to run out

Again PM Me with if I have not gotten your orders

And again thank you to ever wone who as supported me. I hope I have personally exceeded your expectations. if you ever have questions please feel free to call me any time i hardly seep so you can even call late 1-2 am i will be up

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