First time to fish there. Fished 2 hours today. 11:30-1:30. Overcast and then a slow steady light rain for first hour. Below the pavilion there is a "jetty"(for lack of a better name) that is about 30 ft long. It goes out beyond the lily pads that cover about 60% of the shoreline. Decided to start there.

Fished with Texposed 6 inch watermelon red flake Gander Mt. stickbait and had no luck. Walked around to opposite side to next clear area with no pads. Probably a good 350 yards of shore not accessible due to pads.

Switched to black/blue jig and found out there are apparently weeds throughout the lake. Really couldn't get a good idea of the depth but from watching line go slack does not appear too deep. Lots of weed snags on the jig and zero bites. Ther is a short pier on this side of the lake and fished parallel to shore on edge of pads with no bites.

Fished on around to bridge over spillway and then onto the dam which has scattered rocks(not rip rap)all along the face. Thought for sure the jig would work there but- nothing.

Rain ended and sun came out. Halfway down the dam swithed to a 4 inch robo worm rigged on a 1/8 oz. slider head. Finally caught a bass. whopping 10 inches. It tore up the worm so switched to black Yamamoto 4 inch cut-tail worm on same rig.

Very first cast another 10 inch bass fishing parallel to the dam from the other direction! Bass on back to back casts! Surely things are picking up! Nope...Not another bite for the last 30 minutes. Tried a wacky rigged 5 inch watermelon senko and results the same-Nothing!!

Great looking lake but lots of pads make only half the lake fishable from shore (Sign says bank fishing ONLY) Weeds seem to be about 2-3 ft under water(really couldn't see with the overcast) Saw a small bobber, a shad colored fluke and an empty Rapala lure box. No other signs of fishing traffic. Did not see any fish hitting on top or any in the fairly clear water near shore. Overall,the park (and lake) are cleaner than most other city parks with ponds/lakes and there is a very nice asphalt walking trail around the lake.

My opinion is the lake is worth trying but only if you happen to be headed that direction OR if you want to take the family and let the kids play at the playground and have a picnic or walk the trail.

Sorry for such a long post but i promised a report , if and when, I fished Faulkner and i wanted to be thorough smile