This weekend was a pretty solid weekend of fishing! Saturday morning I helped Doug Keeter with a big company trip and some boats struggled and some caught them well! I went prepared for artificial or live bait! I liked to be prepared for whatever is working and not live or die by either or! We left out about 7:30 and started right on top of some fish that wanted to eat a little we ended up with 23 fish! Nothing big just good solid box all caught on bait! Some on anchor and some drifting! A couple boats caught them real good on bait and had 40 to 50 fish by 9:00am which seemed to be when the bite really slowed down!
Saturday afternoon I had a gift certificate trip that we did not get them real good! Fish on the screen the whole time and would get a bite every now and then but caught some bigger fish and one real good kitty.

Sunday I ran a small group for J.D. Lyle and J.D. had a full boat! What a difference a day makes! I just had two guys and we had a great day! Caught several good overs and a bunch of 19" box fish! These guys only wanted to keep enough fish for one meal so most of the fish were released to go grow up! All fish caught while drifting deep water! Most of the big fish were spawned out. J.D. found the mother load and was catching them as fast as he could go with a few young kids in the boat! They had a blast. The kids were talking about how great it was back at the dock. All fish were caught on bait on sunday! On my boat we did try some artificial and had a few hits! Here are some mixed pics from the past few days.