Well we finally caught a break from the rain. But the bass had other ideas for some of us. Like lock jaw. It was purity ruff for most of the field. But you know as well as I do someone is going to catch them and they did. And wow what a turn out. Ended up with 17 anglers and 1 little angler. Great job Hudson he was our little angler. But now what y'all have been waiting for.

1st Shane and Josh 11.14lbs $250

2nd Preston and Johnny 11.10lbs $110

Big bass Preston and Johnny 3.10lbs $90

And for more of the field.

Jason / Mr. Barnett 7.04lbs , Charles/Hudson 3.12lbs, nate/jason 2.10lbs , Randy 1.04lbs, Nelson, Oran 1.08lbs.
Well I hope all the new anglers had a good time and wish to come back. Till next week hope to see ya on the water.