Friday - We decided to hit the beach this weekend and take our chances with the rain. As soon as I got to my spot, I had to wait out a rain storm that lasted about 1-1/2 hours. I had plenty of beverages in the Jeep so a little waiting wasn’t that bad. Once the rain passed, I got my line in the water and started the waiting game. The green water was just passed the 3rd bar and the waves weren’t as bad as I expected. Every now and then a 3-4ft wave would come rolling in. The spot were I was had much deeper water than where I normally fish. I could only walk about 3/4 of the way through the first gut before I was chest deep. After about an hour with rods out, I keep catching something out of the corner of my eye up really close. I watched the water waiting for what ever it was to come back. Then it did. Dolphins. The dolphins were running along the first bar! I have never seen them in that close. I even got to witness one jump over the second bar coming in toward me. It must have cleared the water by about 4-5 feet when it jumped. In about an hour I saw about 15-20 dolphin running along the muddy 1st bar. I was nervous that one was going to pick up one of my baits since I was casted out past where they were running. We managed a few Bull Reds Friday and stayed dry for the rest of the night.

Saturday - The bite was really slow, the current was fast (left to right), and there was a lot of grass fouling our lines. I expect the grass was coming from the Brazos River wash out from the rain. My bait rod was the only rod that saw action all day long except one Bull Red just before dark. The heavy rain hit us around 8pm and then again at around 11pm so we called it a night.

Sunday - Woke up to rain. Packed up and left for home early morning.

4/10/15 @ 6:52PM - 2nd gut - 42” Red Drum - Bait: Whiting head
4/10/15 @ 10:49PM - 2nd gut - 45” Red Drum - Bait: 1/2 of a large crab (shell off)
4/10/15 @ 10:55PM - 2nd gut - 41-1/2” Red Drum - Bait: Whiting head
4/11/15 @ 6:08PM - 2nd gut - 41-1/2” Red Drum - Bait: 1/2 crab (shell on)
4/11/15 - All day long - 1st gut - Hardhead and whiting - Bait: Shrimp & Squid

All fish were Catch & Release (except the whiting - Shark Bait)


Just Bitten Shark Fishing Team